Value chain

Value chain:

The objective of our value chain is to generate actions for recognition as subjects of rights and the participation of people with autism spectrum on equal terms.

Our value chain is made up of three links:

Know: The first link in our chain is activism and educational campaigns, through which we inform the community and decision makers about what ASD is, its individuals and the needs of the people who present it. .

Understand: Through different actions we generate spaces for participation and knowledge about ASD, we do this based on scientific evidence and the life experiences of people with autism spectrum and families, which allows us to transform practices and understand the reality that this collective.

Influence: It is the third and last link, this will be the one that allows us, through teamwork, to recognize that people with autism spectrum are subjects of rights, that they can contribute to the community, who is responsible for guaranteeing friendly and flattering environments that respect their particularities, which allow them to develop their life project.

These three links are intertwined and form our value chain, strengthening us to continue working for people with autism spectrum and their dignified life.

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