With your donation you contribute to positively impact the quality of life of people with ASD and their families.

Dia Mundial Autismo

World autism awareness day

"A Single Voice for Autism", an activity that seeks to raise awareness in the community as well as to make them aware of what autism spectrum disorders are, from the particularities and needs of people with this condition.  

Campañas de toma de conciencia

Educational campaigns

They look for society to reflect and change about the imaginaries and Myths about people with autism spectrum.

  1. Let's have a coffee and talk about Autism.
  2. Know and do not contribute to the misuse of the word Autism.
Capacitación a familias

Training and empowerment of families

Through different tools such as workshops, talks, and courses, we support families that have a relative with ASD, who feel uncertainty and sometimes anguish, due to changes in their family dynamics and the social barriers that they are forced to face.

Money donations

Monetary donations will be allocated according to the choice you have made to contribute to any of our actions.

Davivienda Bank

Savings account No. 009900331357

LICA – Liga Colombiana Autismo.



Another way to donate

You can also make donations in kind, through elements that contribute to the objective of the actions proposed by our organization, they can be t-shirts, billboards, bracelets, caps, notebooks, pens, snacks, etc.

Telephone 311-2414890 - 3 575260
[email protected]
Street 39 A 26 – 42 Barrio la Soledad
Bogotá - Colombia

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