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Social skills workshop

Grupo de amigos compartiendo en una mesa de comedor.

Social skills are used to function properly in a social environment, they are the art of relating to other people; They are also forms of verbal and non-verbal communication. These abilities bring with them a process that involves thoughts, feelings and behaviors which are related and constantly changing.

Addressing the process of social interaction has represented a challenge not only for families but for people with ASD themselves, since one of their greatest difficulties is communication and being able to express their emotions, for this reason we consider it necessary to generate strategies for the development of these verbal and non-verbal skills, so that they can allow the person with ASD to have a better communication and relationship with others; as well as participate in different environments and promote their rights.

Our workshops create a space for participation and interaction with others, through groups of different ages and a facilitator that provides them with tools to enhance their skills, respecting their particularities in such a way that they allow them to participate in different environments, and favorably impact their quality of life. and that of his family.

Our workshops are aimed at:

  • Create spaces for socialization and participation.
  • Generate tools that allow interaction in a social environment.
  • Strengthen support networks that promote personal and emotional well-being.
  • Provide knowledge about social relationships, emotions and affectivity.
  • Include the family, which plays a fundamental role for the development of skills in the person.

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