What is autism

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 160 children have autism. In Colombia we do not have statistics.

The ASD autism spectrum disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is present in childhood and accompanies the person throughout life, as its name indicates, being a spectrum, it is varied and broad, so it cannot be generalized, Since we are not going to find two identical people, and with the same characteristics, each one from their particularity will have a way of being, communicating, thinking and acting, where the information process can occur in a different way.


Sharing Experiences Our blog is dedicated to people with autism and their families, where they can tell us about moments in their lives that undoubtedly enrich us as an autism community. Enter the blog...


World Autism Awareness Day. Find out about our actions during the month of April. Link up and help transform practices and imaginaries around the autism spectrum. More information…


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BiblioLICA, was born due to ignorance and misinformation about ASD. BiblioLICA will be an information center that promotes access and appropriation of information, through physical and virtual materials such as books, primers, research, manuals, guides for families, jurisprudence, stories, etc.

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