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This primer, called Discovering sexuality in the family, arises from the importance of recognizing everyone as subjects of rights, where sexuality is a fundamental part of identity and should be a source of well-being in all spheres of life. Well, but why is sexual education important? What should be discussed in the family and when should it be done? How and to what extent can the topic of sexuality of a child or adolescent with a disability be developed? How to handle uncomfortable situations and teach to take care of privacy and respect? These and other questions guided this booklet, and they are surely the questions that many families, teachers and caregivers ask themselves, accompanied by fears, laughter and also uncertainty.

The development of this booklet has been inspired by the booklet It is part of life, developed for the Sexual Education Program of the National Public Education Administration (ANEP), by Sergio Meresman of the Inter-American Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development (IIDI), with the collaboration of Valeria Ramos (UNFPA Uruguay) and Diego Rossi (Sexual Education Program, ANEP – CODICEN).

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