Betty Roncancio

Current director of LICA, she leads networking with families from 12 cities in Colombia.
Civil society representative before the GES (Sectoral Liaison Group) within the framework of the National Disability System.

Hector Castellanos

Public accountant, tax specialist. Founding partner of the firm Impuestos & Soluciones SAS. Author of the only Income Tax Software for Colombia. Founding partner of D'System SAS and co-author of the audit software under the NAI, NIAUDITOR.

Juan José Castellanos

Bachelor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela College, currently studying the Arts program at the Guerrero Academy of Arts. He likes music, cycling and the sea.

Camila Andrea Castellanos

Javeriana psychologist, student of the master's degree in education at the Universidad De Los Andes. She is the sister of Juan José, a young man with autism.

Daniel Castellanos

Graphic Designer, Pontifical Javeriana University. Founder and Manager of the firm Y&Boutique.

Co founders

Sebastian Villarraga

I am a calm and kind person, always willing to help others, I studied management of agricultural companies at SENA, I like music, animals, literature, video games and nature.

Luz Marina Méndez

I am an advisor in Occupational Risks, an integral internal auditor, a technician in Child Psychology and
Teen. Nursing Assistant Technician.

Luisa María Cuervo

I am a Marketing and International Business student at Sergio University
Grove. Being part of LICA allows me to contribute to the construction of a country
inclusive for people with autism.

María Teresa Trujillo

I am 19 years old, I live in Cali, my greatest quality is the joy with which I live, I love traveling, music, painting, going to the movies. Life is beautiful next to my mother.

Jesús Aristizabal

I am an Agroindustrial Engineer, father of Oscar Julián and Sergio Andrés, inspirational in my work as an activist in defense of the Rights of people with Autism and their families.

Esther Calvache

I am a psychologist, mother of a young man with tea. Committed to the fight for the rights of people with autism.

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