Institutional identity


Our philosophy

LIICA - Colombian League of Autism, as an entity that generates human and training resources, conceives the autism spectrum disorder TEA as opportunities for sociocultural transformation through the tireless search for spaces for participation, tools, training and empowerment for families and professionals, projects research, which allow the inclusion and participation of this group as subjects of rights with equal opportunities; as well as optimize and enhance their capacities, accompanying and involving their families.


Transform practices of exclusion of the population with autism spectrum, making them visible in terms of their strengths and needs to develop their life project, in order to achieve equal opportunities in the exercise of their rights.



We are internationally recognized for our contribution to the exercise of the rights of people with the autism spectrum, through actions that seek participation from their own voice.


Our creed

We believe that people with autism spectrum need to know that we understand their way of relating to the world and from there, they will achieve their participation in society.

We believe in the strengths of people with autism spectrum and in their value as unique beings.

We believe that autistic spectrum people have the right to live fully and with quality of life, for this it is necessary to provide the adjustments and support they require.

We believe in the Colombian Autism League, in its mission, in the philosophical principles of its creation and in the function it performs to achieve the human development of autistic spectrum people.

We believe in the objectives of the League, and that the fulfillment of the same, will lead us to achieve the union of families and organizations that work for the rights of the population with autism spectrum.

We believe in the values of the League: respect, truth, equity and tolerance.

We believe in its most valuable resource, its staff, identified with the philosophy and institutional goals, committed, humane and supportive; highly qualified and responsible

We believe that with faith, perseverance and transparency we will achieve the success of our processes.


Our flag

The flag of the Colombian Autism League is made up of two horizontal stripes of equal size whose colors are distributed as follows: blue upper part; and its lower part green; in the center it bears the logo of the institution:

The color blue: Depth, loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth

The color green: Hope, harmony, growth, stability, resistance



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