Our team

Honorary Members

Anyela Ramírez Peña
Occupational therapist

Your small steps are my great triumphs.
“Most people observe what is and not what can become” (Albert Einstein). 

María Eugenia Reyes
Special Educator

Educating is not a verb, it is a commitment to life that implies activity, movement, exercise, strength, enthusiasm, ardor, zeal, energy, courage, participation, heroism... without any of this we only transmit knowledge.

Francisco Paredes
Speech Pathologist

More than 10 years in the educational field have allowed me to grow, learning from the daily challenges that the community with ASD faces. As the father of a 10-year-old girl with this condition, I have traveled a path in which I discover every day the different ways in which I can communicate with her, building new forms of relationship.

Sandra Grisales
Physiotherapist and Psychologist

Step by step you will reach the goal, the important thing is to go at the pace of the person, respecting their way of being.

Karen Lorena León

People with autism, think, communicate and interact in different ways, so the way of being of each one, their opinions must be respected and together support the generation of spaces for participation, in which social skills are promoted, independence and autonomy.

Administrative team

Edith Betty Roncancio

I am convinced that if people with autism are given the support and adjustments they require, they will make an important contribution to the community.

Ana de Cuervo
Administrative assistant

Being close to people with Autism is one of the most beautiful experiences I have had, it enriches me as a person and strengthens my commitment to contribute to a community that values and respects them.


Leidy Paola Orozco
Statutory Auditor

Knowing about autism is knowing that anywhere in the world you will find a unique, wonderful and extraordinary human being.

Catherine Pineda
Logistical support

People with autism need to be understood, known and accepted with their way of being and thus know how they can contribute.

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