PROJECT: Genetic Heterogeneity of Autism

The Center for Genetic Research in Human Diseases (CIGEN) of the Universidad de los Andes, since 2011, is carrying out the project "Genetic Heterogeneity of Autism", in collaboration with the Colombian Autism League, the Monserrat Clinic and the Santafe Foundation. The purpose of this project is to get closer to understanding possible factors related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and in this case we want to evaluate genetic factors.

LICA's role in the project is the application of the ADIR and ADOS tests, which is carried out by certified professionals for this purpose. These instruments are considered key in the clinical and research evaluation of ASD.

The ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised): is a structured interview that is applied to parents, which covers topics from the history of the complete development of the child or young person, and the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule): it deals with of a semi-structured assessment in which the child or young person develops various activities or tasks that allow observing the social behavior and communication of the child or young person.


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