The situation facing the planet in the face of the coronavirus pandemic significantly affects people with ASD and their families. Suddenly having to change daily routines is difficult for most people, not least for people with ASD, who had to suspend their activities outside the home, in response to the measures taken by local governments and the presidency of the republic. measures that we consider necessary and opportune.

Our mission is to work for the rights and improve the quality of life of people with ASD and their families. In this context, currently our work and efforts are aimed at generating tools that allow families to make the quarantine that we are in bearable. facing in a high number of countries around the world.

Although measures have been taken that include people with disabilities, we consider it necessary to generate specific strategies, since there are situations that are difficult to manage, which may arise, in response to the particularities of people with ASD and people with other disabilities. This is why we have manifested ourselves before the authorities and decision makers.

From our organization we have generated different actions, all of them with the sole purpose of providing alternatives for those families that may require them. This information can be accessed on our Facebook pages and on Instagram.

Video with some suggestions for families
links video contributed by Luz Marina Méndez, Co-founder of Lica.

Recommendations for families

We share documents of interest

Decree 092 of the Bogotá Mayor's Office. Article 3 includes the exception for people with cognitive or psychosocial disabilities to access short outings.

COVID-19 Guidelines for people with disabilities Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Recommendations families - caregivers

Guidelines for the exit measure for children and adolescents from the National Government