Within the framework of World Mental Health Day, we received a visit from Dr. Amalia Gamio, Vice President of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, who was invited by ACPEF and the Community Node on Mental Health and Psychosocial Disability the, to the academic conference “Psychosocial Disability: A call to action”
The central topic was about the United Nations guidelines for the deinstitutionalization of people with disabilities.

We were accompanied to this space by people with psychosocial disabilities, families, Health and Education professionals, as well as entities such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Management for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities of the Vice Presidency of the Republic, PAIIS, the ICBF, the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, who were part of the panels.

Our director Betty Roncancio led the discussion Towards a life in community for people with psychosocial disabilities. During Dr. Gamio's stay, we visited the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare ICBF, where we spoke with its Director Astrid Cáceres about the importance of an agenda that includes disability issues articulated with community-based organizations.

This day leaves us with great challenges aimed at making life in the community for people with disabilities a reality, guaranteeing their full participation, decision-making with the support they require, as well as community services and the elimination of barriers.